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Danny Cole

“Tony Clark is a master magician with years of experience in every facet of the art.  I am always amazed by Tony’s ability to problem-solve and develop elegant solutions to any challenge he confronts for me.  He is my go-to mind when I am developing any new piece of magic.” - Danny Cole


Liberty Larsen

"Working with Tony was such a wonderful experience. As a teacher he is experienced, intuitive, patient, kind and truly invested in helping you feel as confident and polished as possible, while also having fun with the work! I am so grateful for his presence in the magic community." - Liberty Larsen


Bryson Lang

"I have had the pleasure of working with Tony Clark many times over the last 15 years. As a producer, director and consultant, Tony has an amazing sense of inspired vision towards reaching specific goals, he uses his guidance to develop one's character and voice for live or on-camera performance, and he helps find the best version of a performer with patience and clarity of communication. Tony is uniquely qualified in these roles having been a successful veteran performer, himself, and anyone who has the good fortune to work with Tony Clark in any capacity will find it a deeply rewarding experience." - Bryson Lang  


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