Custom Props For TV, Film & Stage Productions 

I've created and built magic and illusion props for over 20 years. Now I'm offering my prop making services to the entertainment industry for Union and Non-Union productions. Below are some of the props I recently made.

(Member of local 44)

Tony Clark Gublet 


Flaming Hand & Rose

I built this prop for Taylor Swift's live performance on her AMA appearance on ABC. The main element of this prop was safety. She nailed it!


Mega Bomb

I made this from cardboard tubes and MDF for the top and bottom. Plus fun gadgets and LED timer.


Cactus Attack!

I hand sculpted this Cactus out of foam. Our team at FXPerts installed a hydraulic arm to attack Kevin Hart. 


Taylor Swift - AMA Awards


Reno 911 - Feature Film

Me Time - Feature Film


Lobby photo booth

This was a lobby photo booth for a magic show at Harrah's Casino - Laughlin, NV. 

Appearing Cookie  Castle

Sesame Street Live Tour

This pop-up Castle is made from sheet aluminium, 40 mini hinges and pop rivets. Once I covered it with Tempo cloth, the art dept made them look like giant chocolate chip cookies. 

Sideway Stage

Lobby Photo Booth

I made for the Annual Hocus Pocus show in Albuquerque, NM. It's a combination of foam, crushed velvet and some other magical elements. 


Pop-up Puppet Stage

Reno 911 - Feature Film Paramount


Lightweight Stunt Bike

Reno 911 - Feature Film Paramount

This little stage telescopes down into the trunks below. I added the twinkling lights to give it an extra flair. The art director liked the addition. 

Made with Steel, Gold Lame' and crushed red velvet. 

I had to make 2 of these bikes safe enough to land on a stunt actor. I bent PVC pipe and foam to keep it light and safe. 

Heading 1


Cube Lighting Light Wall 

Bally's - Las Vegas

Each cube wall breaks down into two pieces horizontally. They had to lightweight for quick and easy setting and striking for a show at Bally's Casino Las Vegas. Made from Foam and wood.


The Amazing Hat

Lobby Photo Booth

I made for the Annual Hocus Pocus show in Albuquerque, NM. Made with Styrofoam, textured cloth and other magical elements. 


Pasta Boy Costume

I made this fun Halloween costume for my son. 

Made from foam tubes, pool noodles and styrofoam. 


Magician's folding Pad

I was commissioned to create a magician's Close up pad (Performing surface) that could be folded quickly and stay on the piano without hindering the piano player in any way. Worked nicely. 

Disintigrating Stool

Touring Theater Show

This piano stool is sat on and moved around throughout the show. In the end, it disintegrates with a light touch of a finger.   


Neck Saver Computer Stand

Made from Acrylic to keep my son from always looking down at the computer.