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Tony’s study with Slydini for over two years was not only an extraordinary learning experience, but also a lifesaving event. On a live-formatted lecture, theatrically filmed in Hollywood, California, Tony shares his experiences with Slydini. He demonstrates and explains beautiful effects and routines with constant emphasis on timing, misdirection, and off-beat principles as taught to him by Slydini. Tony feels these priceless tools and techniques are sure to enhance your close-up, stand-up, or stage routines.

Jumbo Coin Routine
Knife Swallowing
Helicopter Card
Coins Through Table Routine (Coins Through Table, Wrong Way Coins, Coins Across, The one Coin Routine)
Homing Matches
Sweet Return
Paper Balls & Rings in Box (performance only)

Slydini’s Revolve Vanish
Imp-Pass Move
Lapping Techniques
Curled Wrist Techniques
Pivot Vanish
Horizontal Pivot Transfer
Melt Away Vanish
Table Top Change

Bonus Material:
Slydini Photo Album, Slydini Television Appearance, Slydini “Touch of Life”


Timing Is Everything - DVD

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