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Tony Clark’s NEW and Improved D'Liteful Spike Thru Balloon!

A magician brings out a large spike and asks someone to blow on the point which causes it to light up. He explains that the light has a magical quality that enables the Spike to penetrate a balloon without breaking it. He picks up a balloon and magically pushes the Lighted 1/4” thick Spike right thru it! Now he “blows” out the light and pulls the Spike back out. This time when he touches the balloon with the point, it pops. Proving that the “magic” was indeed in the light. This is a perfect effect to use with your D’lite gimmick! *(not included, sold Separately) Comes complete with everything you need to perform this modern miracle minutes after buying it! Includes: Delightful Spike with safety cap, tray to hold spike, 12 balloons, container of lubricant and instructions.



Delightful Spike Thru Balloon

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