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The fastest way raise your act to a new level!


Now you can have a one on one live coaching session with world-class magician, producer and consultant Tony Clark in the privacy of your home on Skype.


In just 3 easy steps you can start improving your Close-up, Stand up, Parlour, Kid’s show or Stage act from anywhere in the world NOW!


Step #1: Send a video link to: Tony Clark at:


Step #2: Initial consultation:  Tony will contact you to via phone *(USA only.) or email (Rest of the world) to schedule a Skype session date, time and discuss what you’ll need to have for the session.


Step #3: Choosing your Skype session package: (Payable Through PayPal)


-1 Hour Session = $150

-2 Hour Session = $250

-3 Hour Session = $300

(When purchasing 3 or more hours, you can use the sessions in 1 hour increments within 30 days of purchase.)


Here’s what some of the Pros are saying…


“Tony Clark is a master magician with years of experience in every facet of the art. I am always amazed by Tony’s ability to problem-solve and develop elegant solutions to any challenge he confronts for me. He is my go-to mind when I am developing any new piece of magic.” - Danny Cole



Tony Clark is akin to a magic doctor. Due to his massive body of work, he can always find the perfect remedy. He cares about each project as if it were his own and can help find a unique solution that completely suits your magical style. “ - Stacey Cole


"Working with Tony was such a wonderful experience. He is experienced, intuitive, patient, kind and truly invested in helping you feel as confident and polished as possible, while also having fun with the work! I am so grateful for his presence in the magic community." - Liberty Larsen


"Tony Clark is a master of distilling his experience into easily digestible pieces. His collaboration with me on various projects such as my Fool Us performance proved as helpful as it was interesting, and I’ll continue to value his perspective moving forward in the development of my future projects.”  - Allen Abbott


It’s quite simple. Without Tony’s help, guidance and ideas I likely would not be a professional magician.

- Farrell Dillon


“Tony Clark has directed, produced, and consulted on my shows for the past 12 years. He is the best person to work with because he can take what you have and make it ten times better. Tony has a way of seeing what you cannot, and he can make smart, top notch changes to strengthen your magic. I highly recommend Tony Clark. It is a true honor to work with this master magician!” - Joel Ward


-“Tony’s knowledge, skills and expertise in the art of magic is why I continue to work with him. He’s the best! -John Gabriel


-"I have had the pleasure of working with Tony Clark many times over the last 15 years. As a producer, director and consultant, Tony has an amazing sense of inspired vision towards reaching specific goals, and he helps find the best version of a performer with patience and clarity of communication. Anyone who has the good fortune to work with Tony Clark in any capacity will find it a deeply rewarding experience."

- Bryson Lang 


"Tony has a way of presenting things I can understand, even though I consider myself technically-challenged. He helps me to understand whatever he is presenting. His attention to detail is bar-none, the best. Thank you again Tony Clark!” - The Bornsteins





Zoom Sessions, 1hr, 2hrs, $125, $200

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