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Powerful Visual Magic – DVD

11 Amazing & EZ to Learn Routines!

Look like a sleight of hand expert in no time at all!

These are a collection of Tony Clark’s favorite powerful visual routines. He teaches you each of the following diverse routines with easy to learn step-by-step instructions.

  • Knife thru coat: Right out of Tony Clark’s act! Push any knife through a volunteer’s jacket without damaging it! A real show stopper. This one routine is worth the price of this entire DVD!
  • Three Phase Cut & Restored Rope Routine: Tony’s mentor Slydini influenced the first two phases. Each phase has a different restoration climax that gets stronger as the routine progresses. *Plus: A bonus alternate ending.
  • Silk Thru Arm: Penetrate a silk right through a spectator’s arm! This is great for strolling and street magic because it resets seconds and be repeated immediately. Packs small and plays big!
  • Quarter Cocktail: Make 10 Quarters Appear from nowhere! This is Tony Clark’s brand new close-up simplified version of the classic Miser’s Dream routine.
  • Six Card Repeat: Tony Clark has modified this strong classic routine so it’s easy to do, learn and perform. Start with 6 cards and keep through away 3 and still end up with 6!
  • Silks from Nowhere: Silk Scarves appear at your fingertips! It’s a great way to produce anywhere from 1 to 6 silks anytime during your act. A beautiful routine for any act!
  • Knife Swallowing: Swallow a dinner knife anytime at any table! One of the most memorable impromptu effects! As bonus you’ll learn Slydini misdirection and offbeat principles.
  • Matches Impossible: Make an entire box of wooden matches go right through the palm of your hand! Perfect for street magic or strolling. Easy to make and perform.
  • Flying Knots: Knots scarves magically tie and untie! Tony Clark will teach you his simplified rendition of Slydini’s flying knots in glass. Can be done silent or with patter.
  • Karate Card Catch: A card stab done with your bare hand! It’s a nice quick visual card effect that can be done anywhere.
  • Homing Matches: Matches reappear inside an empty matchbook! This is Tony Clark’s rendition of Slydini’s torn and restored cigarette. You can do this anywhere at any table.

Powerful Visual Magic -DVD

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