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This was expertly shot in the Penguin Studios. When you order, I will send you a card with the code to receive your lecture. All the easy instruction will be on the card when you receive it. There is no cost for shipping as it will come inside a regular envelope.


Here’s what’s on the lecture plus an interview from Dan Harlan.

4 Ace cut into “Liar, Liar” mind reading effect- (Classic mentalism effect) 4 people on stage. Great way to bring people up on stage. Starts with 4 spectator’s cutting to aces. Then moves into mind reading affect where the magician can tell who wrote what on 4 pieces of paper. Packs small and play big on stage.

Silk Thru Spectator’s Arm- A silk penetrates through a spectator’s arm

Knife Thru Coat- Always very strong impromtu routine. A real knife goes through anyone’s jacket.

Flying Knots in Glasses- Great routine that packs flat and plays big. Knots magically fly from one set of tied scarves across the stage to another glass being help by a spectator.

Coins Thru Table/ One coin routine- A modernized version of the Great Slydini’s coins through the table. Powerful principles of timing and misdirection are taught in the process of learning this great routine.

6 card repeat- A great opening effect. Tony teaches a simple un-gimmicked version perfect for any act.

3 Phase cut and restored rope routine- (First two phase from Slydini’s cut and restored rope routine) Fun strong effect. Great for anyone’s act.

Bottle thru Body- A beer bottle is passed through someone midsection. (Later in the lecture I show the bottle thru table as well.)


Penguin LIVE Lecture

$34.95 Regular Price
$29.98Sale Price
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