The Matrix Kit will instantly convert your standard Close-up Pad into a coin production Pad!

This utility device is only limited by your imagination and creativity. It will allow you to secretly add,  four half dollars, up to 6 cards, and a jumbo coin to your routine easily and invisibly. 


The Matrix Kit includes:

•The Matrix Unit

•Video download that teaches you how to easily install and use the device.


•*Bonus Video Download: Tony teaches his Flying Eagles Matrix coin routine. Step by step Tony shows you all the moves  and slieghts to produce the Aces, 4 half Dollars which then invisibly fly from card to card. In the end you produce Jumbo Coin for a surprise ending.

Tony shows variations on some of the moves from easy to advanced so everyone will be able to do the routine. 

****Note: No coins are included. 

Matrix Kit

$55.00 Regular Price
$45.00Sale Price