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NOTE: On all overseas orders, we will email you to collect an addtional $20 for shipping as our system does not add it automatically.

Version 2.0 is perfect for traveling! This new updated version extends over 13 feet and collapes down to just 18″ for easy packing. Plus you get a bonus video download with Tony Clark giving you his inside tips and ideas to enhance this already funny and strong routine.

Basic Effect: A deck of cards is shown to the audience, bound with a rubber band, and placed in a bucket dangling at the end of a four foot pole. Laughter ensues as the pole surprisingly extends 14 feet into the audience. Four spectators at various locations in the audience, each peek at their card. Without looking at the deck, the performer is able to psychically and comediacally name each person’s card.

Comes with:

-Pole and Bucket
-Special Deck
-Rubber Bands
-Written instructions
-DVD of Chris Mitchell’s performance
-Bonus Video of Tony Clark’s tips and ideas.
-Certificate of Authenticity and rights to perform this routine.

Long Distance Card Trick

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