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This book package is jam-packed with a culmination of Tony Clark’s 30 years of first hand experience as a professional magician, producer and consultant as well as from some of the worlds best magicians he had the honor of learning from. Tony will share priceless time test Insider Secrets that will help you improve your act , career and business in the quickest time possible. *Also includes video links that take you to visual examples of what Tony is teaching. A great way to learn!

*In addition to Tony’s printed book, you will also receive the Digital Book Version Free! This includes, Tony Clark’s Secrets of winning Work Book and Secrets of winning audio recording. This comes from Tony Clark’s highly acclaimed Act Development Power Pack. He passionately teaches his techniques on raising your act to the highest level possible. You can use this information and tools to prepare your act for a contest or to get your act to a polished level by a specific date. You will achieve massive improvements to help you attain a successful career as an amateur or professional stage performer. 
The wonderful element about this motivational, educational and inspirational system is that you can use it again and again to keep raising your act to even higher levels.

Plus – You get 5 Insider Audio Interviews with: William E. Andrews, Jim Steinmeyer, Norm Nielsen, Jack Goldfinger & Richard Barrett!

AND Free rare video interview with the Legendary Mr. Electric, Marvyn Roy!

PLUS BONUS Timing is Everything Download

Insider Secrets Book Bundle

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