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*Note: You will get a downloadable link for the 60 minutue instructional video instantly.

NOTE: Sly Scarves are sold separately. To order The Sly Scarves please search Sly Scarves on this site. 

Tony Clark, one of Slydini’s last students, will demonstrate and teach the Single Knot Release, the Double and Triple Knot Release, as well as the Multiplying Knots. This powerful routine is explained in easy step-by-step video instructions. *All the moves are clearly explained in full detail with choice of front view, rear view, and split view! 
Plus the Flying Knot routine! This is a beautiful effect where two scarves are tied together and placed inside a wine glass. Then two loose scarves are placed into a second wine glass. With a wave of the hands, magically the scarves that were tied are now separate and the loose scarves in the other glass are now tied!

(Note: to perform the Fly Knot Routine an additional set of scarves must be purchased.)

*Check out a demo of one the fly knots by clicking on the Video button above.

Be a fly on the wall during a jam session with Tony Clark and Jonathan Neal Brown as they discuss variations on techniques and presentations of the Sly Scarves. You will also learn The Ghost Knot and Tony Clark’s Scarf Through Arm!

Rare vintage footage of the Master Slydini!


Full Sly Scarves Download

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